Standard Software


The software listed in this section is available on DU computers in classrooms and labs.

If you intend to request software, please first review this page as well as the Labs and Classrooms Specialty Software section to see if the software is already offered in the classrooms or labs.

If the software is not listed in either section, please visit the Requesting and Purchasing Software section for information on how to request and (if necessary) purchase software.

Windows Classroom and Lab Standard Software

​Software Name Version​ Vendor​
7-Zip 18.05 7-Zip
​Access 2016 ​Microsoft
Acrobat X Pro 10.1.16 ​Adobe
Adobe CS6 Design 6 Adobe
​Chrome ​Latest ​Google
​Excel ​2016 ​Microsoft
​Flash Player ​Latest ​Adobe
​Firefox ​Latest ​Mozilla
​Edge Latest ​Microsoft
iTunes Latest Apple
Java Latest Oracle
​OneNote ​2016 ​Microsoft
PaperCut MF client Latest PaperCut
​PowerPoint ​2016 ​Microsoft
​Publisher ​2016 ​Microsoft
​Skype for Business Latest Microsoft
​Shockwave Player ​Latest ​Adobe
​Silverlight ​Latest ​Microsoft
​Word ​2016 ​Microsoft


Mac Classroom and Lab Standard Software

​Software Name Version​ ​Vendor
​Acrobat Pro ​CS6 ​Adobe
​Air ​CS6 ​Adobe
​Bridge ​CS6 ​Adobe
Chrome Latest Google
​Contribute ​CS6 ​Adobe
​Color ​1.5.3 ​Apple
​Compressor ​3.5.3 ​Apple
​Dreamweaver CS6 ​Adobe
​DVD Studio Pro ​4.2.2 ​Apple
​Excel ​2016 ​Microsoft
​Firefox ​Latest ​Mozilla
​Fireworks CS6 ​Adobe
​Flash Builder CS6 ​Adobe
​Flash Catalyst CS6 ​Adobe
​Flash Player ​Latest ​Adobe
​Flash Pro CS6 ​Adobe
​GarageBand ​6.0.5 ​Apple
​Illustrator CS6 ​Adobe
​iMovie ​9.0.7 ​Apple
​iPhoto ​9.3.2 Apple
​iTunes ​10.5 ​Apple
​Motion ​4.0.3 ​Apple
​Photoshop CS6 ​Adobe
​PowerPoint ​2016 ​Microsoft
​QuickTime Player ​7 and X ​Apple
​Safari ​Latest ​Apple
​Silverlight Latest ​Microsoft
​Soundtrack Pro ​3.0.1 ​Apple
​Word ​2016 ​Microsoft