Jill Albin-Hill
Vice President Technology and Operations and Chief Information Officer
Garage 103

Adam Smeets
Assistant Vice President and Deputy Chief Infomation Officer
Lewis 048

Darren Robards
Director Enterprise Security and IT Initiatives
Lewis 048

Raymond Alamilla
Senior Systems Engineer
Lewis 048

Walter Cepeda
Web Application and Junior Programmer
Lewis 001A

Omar Diaz
Systems Engineer
Lewis 048

Kevin Fiorito
Manager Infrastruture Services
Lewis 050

Grace Irizarry
Office Manager
Lewis 048

Daniel Martin
Creative Digital Specialist
Adjunct Faculty, Computer Science
Lewis 001A

Paul Miller
Network Administrator
Lewis 050

Alex Oquendo
Assistant Director Support Services
Lewis 048

Pete Peterson
Director Web & Application Services
Lewis 001A

Steve Plane
Web Developer
Lewis 001A

Ivan Zaher
Server Administrator
Lewis 050