Specialty Software


The software listed in this section is available on DU computers in certain locations of classrooms and labs.

If you intend to request software, please first review this page as well as the Labs and Classrooms Standard Software section to see if the software is already offered in the classrooms or labs.

If the software is not listed in either section, please visit the Requesting and Purchasing Software section for information on how to request and (if necessary) purchase software.

Windows Classroom and Lab Specialty Software

​Software Name Version​ Vendor​ Location​
Creative Suite CS6 Adobe Fine Arts 010, Crown 330, Parmer 004, Tech Center, Priory Lab
Diet Analysis 8.0.1 Cengage ACATS Terminal Server
Eclipse Eclipse Eclipse Lewis 002, Lewis 004, Lewis131, Crown 111, Crown 330, Parmer 003, Parmer 004, Parmer 114 
Foodworks 15 Nutrition ACATS Terminal Server
MiniTab 16.2.4 MiniTab Lewis 002, Lewis 004, Lewis 131, Lewis 301, Lewis 302, Lewis 305, Lewis 310, Lewis 312, Lewis 334, Crown 111, Crown 310A, Crown 310B, Crown 320, Crown 330, Crown 340, Tech Center (Windows side), Parmer 003, Parmer 005, Parmer 016, Parmer 017, Parmer 101, Parmer 103, Parmer 114
​SPSS Statistics ​Latest ​IBM SPSS ACATS Terminal Server
Vision Pro 8.6 NetOp Lewis 002, Lewis 004, Fine Arts 010, Crown 330, Parmer 114, Parmer 003, Parmer 004
Visual Studio 2016 Microsoft Lewis 002, Lewis 004, Parmer 004, Tech Center, Priory Lab
Python Latest Python Lewis 004