Network Drives

Network Drive Storage Space

All students are granted storage space in which to keep class work and other personal files.  NO FILES SHOULD BE SAVED TO ANY COMPUTERS ON CAMPUS, in any lab or classroom.  You have three options to save files:  your network drive (N: drive), Onedrive space, or a USB pen/flash drive is also usable.

Your N: drive is 100 MB of allocated space for each student which is accessible via your username and password.  When you are on campus and logged into a campus machine with your username, click on My Computer, and then your N: drive.  You will see that your user name is attached to your N: drive.  Save files there.  Be confident that they are backed up regularly by the DU network backup process.

Using computers on Campus

All labs and classrooms are connected to the DU network.  Use your username and password to log on.  Make sure the computer’s domain is set to “Dom”.  Do not save to the local machine (C: drive), but to your network drive (N: drive). This is backed up by the DU network, and can be viewed by you off campus.  You can also use USB drives on campus. If, for some reason, you misplace your USB drive, check in the Office of Safety & Security (Campus Operations).  

You will not have administrative rights to install software or other items on public computers.  Please see IT if you need direction getting to some special software as it may be in a specific lab. 

Make sure you always log out of a public computer after usage.

Remote N: drive access

View instructions to set up your N: drive from off campus - Windows

View instructions to set up your N: drive from off campus - Mac