Hours and Location

Technology Labs: Parmer Lab and Priory Lab follow the BUILDING HOURS of the building they are located in, regardless of the holiday or time of year. If the University buildings are closed, the labs will be closed. The Lewis Technology Center hours are 24x7 however, building hours are still followed.

Holiday hours and Final exam hours will be posted as necessary. Building hours are typically open every day 7:00 am through 11:00 pm. Any classroom while not in session is also available as open lab use.

If you have questions or concerns about any of these machines, please contact the Support Center at supportcenter@dom.edu, on our website at https://supportcenter.dom.edu, or by phone at 708-524-6888. If any lab is not open at the scheduled time, please call Security to have it opened. (x5999)

Building Room Type Location Number of Computers
Crown Lab Cyber Cafe 20 PCs
Crown Lab 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor 35 PCs and 3 Macs
Crown Classroom 111 25 PCs (With cd-roms)
Crown Classroom 202 22 Macs (No cd-roms)
Crown Lab 302 3 PCs and 4 Macs
Crown Classroom 320 32 PCs (No cd-roms)
Fine Arts Classroom 010 21 PCs (No cd-roms)
Lewis Lab Tech Center 42 PCs and 6 Macs
Lewis Classroom 001 20 MacBook Airs (No cd-roms)
Lewis Classroom 002 31 PCs (With cd-roms)
Lewis Classroom 004 26 PCs (With cd-roms)
Lewis Classroom 131 18 PCs (No cd-roms)
Lewis Classroom 406 20 Macs (No cd-roms)
MAC Classroom 308 13 Macs (No cd-roms)
Parmer Lab 2nd floor open areas 14 PCs (No cd-roms)
Parmer Lab 3rd floor open areas 9 PCs (No cd-roms)
Parmer Classroom 003 25 PCs (With cd-roms)
Parmer Classroom 004 32 PCs (With cd-roms)
Parmer Classroom 114 31 PCs (No cd-roms)
Parmer Classroom 209 5 PCs (No cd-roms)
Parmer Classroom 212 20 PCs (No cd-roms)
Parmer Classroom 428 17 PCs (No cd-roms)
Priory Lab 255 6 PCs and 6 Macs