Faculty-Staff Printing

Dominican Printing

We have completed replacement of all satellite copiers on campus that use the copy code system. Please take note of the following changes to satellite copier use:

  • Access to copiers is now controlled by your Dominican username (without the @dom.edu and password.
  • Copy codes have been replaced by Cost Centers. When you log into a copier, you will be presented with a list of Cost Centers you have permission to use. If you notice you are missing a Cost Center (or you have one you feel you shouldn’t) please contact Office Services or the IT HelpDesk and we can assist.

Printing to the satellite copiers as also changed. Dominican Printing, our Secure Release queue system, needs to be installed on your computer in order to print to the copiers. To determine if you have Dominican Printing already installed look at your list of available printers. If you see the following printers:

  • HP Printing
  • Color HP Printing
  • Canon Printing
  • Color Canon Printing

You are all set to print to the Secure Release queues. If you do not have these printers available, please call the IT HelpDesk and we can install them for you.

When you print to one of the secure queues, you will be prompted to choose a “Department Code”. This is your Cost Center. Type the name of the Cost Center you want to use into the Department Search box and click Search. The Department should appear and replaced the text “Type the Department codes”. You can now press Print. When you’ve used a Cost Center a few times, it will appear in the Most Recent box and you won’t have to search for it.

The next box you’ll see is cost acceptance. Be sure to click Yes; after about 30 seconds the default answer of No will be applied.

Once you’ve submitted your print job, you can retrieve it at any satellite copier that services that queue.

Locations of Release stations (by queue):

HP Printing (Black and White Secure Release @ HP4555s)   

- Coughlin Commons
- Crown Library All Floors (2 in Cyber Café)
- Fine Arts 2nd Floor
- Fine Arts 3rd Floor
- Lewis Student Technology Center, Lewis 001 (2)
- Parmer Lower Level outside AEC
- Parmer Student Technology Center, Parmer 101
- Parmer 2nd Floor Northeast Student Commons
- Parmer 2nd Floor Southeast Student Commons
- Parmer 3rd Floor Southeast Student Commons
- Parmer 4th Floor near Elevator
- Priory West Dining Room
- Priory 2nd Floor Student Commons, Priory 255
- Priory 2nd Floor outside West Elevator
- The “L”

Color HP Printing (Color Secure Release @ HP CM4540s & HP M680s)

- Crown LL in Cyber Café
- Lewis Student Technology Center, Lewis 001
- Parmer CTLE
- Priory Welcome & Information Desk Area

Canon Printing (Black and White Secure Release @ Canon 4245s)

   Click for Canon Print-Copy Instructions

- Lewis Lower Level near Faculty Mailboxes
- Lewis 3rd Floor near Elevator
- Mazzuchelli 2nd Floor near School of Education

Color Canon Printing (Color Secure Release @ Canon 5250s)

   Click for Canon Color Print-Copy Instructions

- Coughlin Lower Level outside Wellness Center
- Fine Arts 1st Floor near Center Stairwell

Office Printing

If you have an Office printer you can order print toner from the IT Department. To order print toner, put in a helpdesk ticket, include your printer model and/or toner number needed.  Be sure to put in your request before your cartridge is empty, or make sure to keep a spare for yourself.  This will ensure that there is another toner for you the next time needed.

We do suggest to be green and use up the toner that you have till empty (they are bad for the environment and also expensive). You can use "HP Printing" for more cost effective printing and savings.

Please be sure to return the used old cartridge back to us (in the box if possible) we do try to be green and send them back for recycling.