Purchasing Discounts

Purchases and Software Downloads

Dominican has partnered with multiple vendors to provide you the ability to purchase hardware, software, and services at a discount.  In some instances you will be asked to use your University E-mail account as proof that you are a student or you may be asked to scan and e-mail your University ID card.  The discounts are based on what the vendor has available at the time.  So shop around compare prices and check out the discounts available to see if there are any good deals available.

  • Varsity Buys
    VarsityBuys has the unique focus of partnering with academic consortia throughout the country. By coordinating the acquisition power of a consortium’s constituents, VarsityBuys negotiates special agreements with technology publishers on the consortium’s behalf. These agreements allow consortium members to obtain economies of scale that they could not hope to obtain on their own.
  • Apple
    Education pricing is available to college students, students accepted into college, parents buying for college students, teachers, lecturers and staff at all levels.
  • Dell
    Direct link to the Dominican University Dell Education store.
  • AT&T
    Employees of Dominican University can save 17% on qualifying AT&T services.
    Students of Dominican University can save 10% on qualifying AT&T services.

Dominican University offers free Microsoft Office 365 licensing for current students, faculty, and staff.

Dominican University also offers free Anti-Virus software for current students.

  • Students may find more information at our Anti-Virus page.